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Values & Beliefs

Mark and Mary Pat, Founders

"We hope this helps you understand our passion and what goes into every bottle of our Root Cider."

Mark & Mary Pat



Whole ingredients are 100% certified organic

Did you know that there are three different terms for organic

  • A – Made with organic ingredients
    70-94% of the ingredients are organic
  • B – Certified organic ingredients
    95-99% of the ingredients are organic
  • C -100% Certified organic ingredients
Pertains to whole single ingredients that are 100% certified organic: 

We use 100% certified whole ingredients with USDA organic apple cider vinegar.  Since apple cider vinegar contains more than one ingredient  it can’t be considered 100% certified organic so USDA organic is the gold standard.

Unsurpassed quality and value

Now that you know we use only certified organic ingredients let’s find out what else is in the bottle:

We use 60-grade raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar which is 18% stronger than the popular Braggs brand.

We then add lemons, turmeric, ginger and horseradish roots, garlic, white onion, beets, Serrano peppers, habanero peppers and very dark Vermont maple syrup in our slightly sweetened version.

While most companies strain out 95% of the whole ingredients thus eliminating most of the beneficial nutrients that reside in the skin, pith and peel. Our unique one of a kind, extremely labor Intensive process allows us to retain over an AMAZING 95% of the whole ingredients.

The result is the most potent nutrient-dense cider on the market. We believe our cider is up to 10 times stronger than other brands.

Supporting small businesses

When you buy a bottle of Mother Earth’s Organic Root Cider, the money you spend does not go to a big corporation that enjoys huge tax breaks and a CEO with a lavish lifestyle.

Our team is made up of a small co-packer, a small marketing company run by a husband and wife and a local accountant. Your purchase helps them make, payroll, pay electric bills,  put money back in their communities and put food on the table.

Supporting small businesses is a win/win for everyone.

The bottom line

We take extreme pride in our process and product and want you to know that each specially hand crafted batch is made with the finest ingredients available that we are sure will have a positive impact on your health. We thank you for your business and wish you the ultimate gift of good health.

With blessings,
Mark & Mary Pat