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Our Story

Barrier Island Organics is proud to offer what we believe is the most potent immune-boosting health tonic available today. It's very simple to explain but super difficult to make. Mother Earth's Root Cider is made by following a very specific low-acidified, cold-filled process ensuring that our product is never heated or pasteurized. This process offers superior potency, maximum freshness, and a 3-year best by date.

Our cider contains  95% of the whole ingredients while other companies strain out and throw away 95% of these powerful ingredients. The result is a robust tonic full of the organic goodness that has many proven health benefits.  This enables our customers to enjoy all the immune-boosting nutrients that are packed in every part of the whole ingredient rather than simply the juice. Our unique one-of-a-kind process is very labor-intensive, but your health and satisfaction are our #1 goal. So while there are many health tonics available on the market today if improving your health is what you're after, we know you'll love our product. 

Longtime Outer Banks, North Carolina resident Mark Welch started Barrier Island Organics on a shared belief that health and well-being was tied directly to the food we put in our bodies.

Mark’s story goes like this: Having been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation since age 28 he was unable to take any over the counter decongestants due to the A-fib. Everyone knows the toll antibiotic overuse takes on the body and he felt that something had to change.

He researched an alternative, and found a recipe for something similar to our root cider, and started making it right away. The results were amazing. He went from 5-6 antibiotics yearly to one in the last five years.

He started making small batches and giving it away to friends who were fighting colds or infections and pretty soon people were requesting bottles of this cider all the time.

We refined the recipe, obtained FDA approval, and started making it locally. The response to the product was overwhelming, and after only 2 small batches we could not keep up with demand.

Our cider is now manufactured at the Organic Food Incubator in Bloomfield, New Jersey.