Virus prevention

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If a  cold or some other virus is interfering with your holiday fun, perhaps the unique combination of immune booster and general health enhancers in our Organic Root Cider is what you need to get back your happy life.

Our Organic Root Cider has these immune boosters:

Garlic(contains calcium, potassium, and more than 100 sulfuric compounds)

Ginger(Ginger has been found to activate T-cells, and help with Xenobiotic Detoxification)

White Onion (help absorption of vitamin C)

Beets (rich in phytonutrients)

All the rest of our ingredients are health boosters and anti-inflamatory elements which will help your immune system to combat whatever is getting you down.So head on over to our Products Page and get yourself a bottle of Organic Root Cider today!