Customer Reviews

I’m very satisfied with the product. It is a God send. I am 45 years old. I have been drinking M.E.O.R.C for about 3 weeks I have felt the difference in my health, I don’t feel tired anymore NOW I AM more energetic and alert. I have shared this product with my co-workers and congregation. They also are impressed with the Mother Earth’s Organic Root Cider. They also have purchased a bottle.  Thank you CEO Mark W.

~Samuel Colon

Do you want to feel better? Barrier Island Organics This is my old friend Mark Welch’s recipe he started making to heal some personal health issues. Now he has produced it for everyone to use. I started using it awhile back and it is really making a difference in how I feel. It’s a raw unfiltered apple cider with organic turmeric and ginger flown in from Hawaii, along with 8 ancient roots and vegetables. Melanie and my kids are using it also. The transplant team at Duke cleared me to use it as a supplement, and they are super picky. Give it try, tastes great too.

~Scooter Raynor, Outer Banks Resident, Lung Transplant Survivor

My name is Tim Holdaway, and I'm 57 years old. Being an athlete all of my life, I have played many sports at different competitive levels. While my active lifestyle has led to many injuries and multiple surgeries, I continue to play sports competitively - for the love of the game.

A few years ago I began to develop pain throughout most of my body, especially in my major joints. I suffered from sinusitis, headaches, bronchitis, and a continuous low grade fever among other symptoms. After months of pain and many visits with different doctors I was finally diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease during a hospitalization. I was extremely sick as my immune system was compromised and I was on high levels of antibiotics for 18 months. After coming through this ordeal my recovery was still very much a work in progress and I was trying anything and everything to help boost my immune system. I was still getting terrible sinusitis and bronchitis every couple of months and I didn't want to take any more antibiotics. One day I was discussing my condition with a friend of mine who recommended I try Mother Earths Root Cider from Barrier Island Organics. I took his advice and after 30 days I could start to feel results. My inflammation seemed to be getting better every week. It's been over a year since I started taking Root Cider religiously every morning before breakfast and in that time I haven't had a reoccurrence of bronchitis or sinusitis. I'm also playing all of the sports I love weekly without inflammation. I have recommended to family members and friends to use this product and they are very happy with the results.

I would recommend Mother Earths Root Cider to anyone with the utmost confidence that it will help them in many ways.

~Tim Holdaway, Satisfied Customer
“A must have product to help ward off or alleviate the flu, colds and bacterial infections! Had a chest infection that wouldn’t go away and of course being stubborn, I never went to the doctor. After a few weeks I took this and within 5 days it was gone. Great product, any time I feel something coming on I take a few swigs.”
~John Nordin, Satisfied Customer
“I started drinking Mother Earth Root Cider 6 months ago. I will keep drinking it every day for the rest of my life. I have noticed numerous health benefits. There are two that stand out the most. First, I have not been sick since I started drinking it. If anyone close to me starts showing symptoms I just double up on my servings. Second, I had chronic aches and pains in my shoulder from years of volleyball, one day I realized that the aches and pains were gone. Root cider should be a part of everyone’s daily routine.”
~Joseph Foulis, Satisfied Customer
"I have been using Barrier Island Organics Root Cider as a supplement for a few months now. It was not until a few weeks ago that I realized that I was feeling really good for the first time in over a year. No more knee pain, stiff neck or swollen Achilles tendon. I was used to working through the pain and was exhausted because of it. I know have more energy and feel good. As a high school teacher, I am used to a few colds throughout the winter because of all of the germs I am around. This winter I had only one and instead of the 7 - 10 day incubation period, I was over it in half of the time. I had not realized how badly I had been feeling until I was feeling great again! Thanks Barrier Island Organics"
~Susan Blackwell, Satisfied Customer
"All it took was one day and I began feeling much better. Knocked out my BAD cold and I continue to feel GREAT!. More energy than I have had in months. I will order again, and again. Thanks!!!"
~Ray Pond, Satisfied Customer
"I tried Natural Root Cider because I was experiencing lower back pain that was so intense it kept me from sleeping through the night. Ibuprofen was part of my daily routine. Since taking Natural Root Cider I have had no pain at all and have stopped all over the counter meds. It has increased my energy and resistance to viruses and infections. The very best side effect is that it is an appetite suppressant. I take a swig in the morning and before lunch and my appetite has dramatically reduced. Nothing but love for this product!"
~Mary Pat, Satisfied Customer
"Root Cider has helped control my constantly aching knees (runners knees). Don’t know how or why, but it doesn’t really matter to me either. As others have reported, it seems to help with seasonal allergies too. I normally start to suffer from seasonal allergies this time of year and take Flonase and Claritin daily. Time will tell, I plan on quitting the otc meds and see how it goes. I’m sold on it and will be ordering another bottle after I finish the one I currently have."
~Dan Loggins, Satisfied Customer
"Truly an amazing product! In the six weeks since I started taking 1-2 tablespoons a day, I have lost six pounds. I have more energy, my LDL went from 83 to 69, my HDL went from 51-60 and my A1C dropped 1/3 of a point. The knee, ankle and shoulder pain I have lived with since high school football and wrestling has diminished remarkably. My chronic sinusitis has completely gone away. Your Cider will be a part of my daily regimen for the rest of my life. Great job!"
~Bill Predergast, Satisfied Customer
"A co-worker has been using this product and it seems to actually control his otherwise high blood pressure. I too have high BP and have been using this product for about 3 weeks and my BP readings seem to be going down as well. If I can use this all natural product to replace BP medication I will be thrilled. I also suffer from chronic allergy and sinus problems and am hoping to see improvement there as well. In the meantime, the product gives me a natural energy boost and I have been able to replace additional trips to the coffee pot with just a tablespoon or two of this, and it tastes good too."
~Matt Harper, Satisfied Customer
"Living an active life, and constantly on the move, at the age of 60; I've found some relief from "Uncle Arthur" !! ......that's right: "Arthur Itis" ..... all organic, natural ingredients in Mother Earth's Root Cider taken alone, or combined with my daily nutrition /energy drink is the key to relieving the joint pain/discomfort ! And, as well as pain relief, l'm giving my body what it needs instead to stay healthy instead of a constant flood of pills that were doing continual damage to my kidneys, liver, etc. I enjoy the " spicy taste" of Mother Earth, but you may want to mix it with your favorite juice!!"
~Kevin Herbin, Satisfied Customer
"Organic root cider is pretty amazing stuff. In a weird way, I like the taste. It definitely wakes me up and gives me energy."
~AnnMarie via Green Lifestyle Market
"We were lucky enough to find this product and learn about it at a health expo in Raleigh, NC. It is amazing stuff. The health benefits are great! It certainly has a kick to it but well worth the benefits and I like the taste all by itself. We have tried so many different types of natural remedies but this product truly gives you exactly what your body needs and helps heal you!"
~Shannon via Green Lifestyle Market
"This cider is awesome! After just a few days I can tell a difference in so many ways--joints, respiratory issues, fatigue, digestion---it is already making a difference in my overall health. I can't wait to see how much better I feel after the first 30 days! The taste is unique and exotic, but I like it. Magic in a bottle."
~M.B. via Green Lifestyle Market
"I just can't describe the difference this has made in my life after a hysterectomy my everything was all over the place got to help with inflammation and boost my immune system but wow this stuff is magic in a bottle!! It has a kick but so worth it I don't mix it I just chase it with an ice cold glass of water! Hands down the best kept secret to a healthier body balance!!"
~Mel via Green lifestyle Market

"So healthful tip for the day. If you feel you are getting sick, go find yourself a bottle of @bio_rootcider Mother Earth’s Organic Root Cider. A friend shared this a few weeks ago when she was sick with this awful flu going around. I went to @erewhonmarket and grabbed a bottle because my hubby started getting sick. I had him take 2 tbsp full and the next day he was fine. My 12 year old started getting sick today- gave him 1 tbsp this morning and he is fine now. Get thee to a health store that carries this stuff. It’s amazing. You can also order it online directly from their website."

"I just wanted to say thank you for your product! A friend shared this stuff last week on her IG account because she felt so much better having had the flu and then taking your product she was so much better. My husband started to get sick over the weekend so I went to Erewhon and grabbed a bottle. Within two days he was back to himself. Also, he's noticed his chronic night time back pain hasn't woken him up in the middle of the night this week. Amazing! Thank you for such a great product!"
~Maggie, Satisfied Customer
Have been taking the cider religiously for 2 months. 2 tbsp every morning. Total cholesterol has dropped 58 points and LDL is down 45. Stopped taking blood pressure medicine. BP is perfect! Root cider will be a part of my daily routine for the rest of my life. Amazing product!!
~Justin Gardner, Satisfied Customer