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Quick Start Your Health with Mother Earth’s Organic Root Cider, a powerful 100% ORGANIC, VEGAN & KETO friendly apple cider vinegar based tonic with 9 whole food derived organic roots & herbs. Try your bottle today and start to feel refreshed, re-energized and healthier in just two weeks from the most nutrient dense herbal tonic ever conceived.  Your mother knows best!

Detox &Nourish

100% Organic, every 9 pints of Vinegar contains 10 lbs Roots & Vegetables

Mother Earth’s Root Cider is a powerful 100% organic, vegan & keto-friendly apple cider vinegar based herbal tonic created to support & protect your body’s immunities and inflammatory response.

Slow infused with 9 whole-food derived organic herbs and roots capture over 95% of our ingredients resulting in the most robust, nutrient dense cider ever conceived.

Certified Organic

We only use the freshest 100% non-GMO, whole, raw, ingredients

Premium Quality

Made from fresh, whole organic roots and vegetables like lemon, horseradish root, ginger root, turmeric root, garlic, white onion, beets, serrano, habanero, poblano peppers

Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar provides essential nutrients that aid in the digestion, metabolism, the lymphatic system, oxygen transport, and energy production. It balances the bodily pH levels & maintains them.

Good for Health

A shot a day keeps the doctor away! Every ingredient has been tied to health benefits, through scientific research

Slow Infusion

Our FDA approved process allows the slow infusion of our ingredients for our robust power drink


start a healthy lifestyle

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Check out what our valued customers have to say about our amazing Root Cider!

Truly an amazing product! In the six weeks since I started taking 1-2 tablespoons a day, I have lost six pounds.
A must have product to help ward off or alleviate the flu, colds and bacterial infections! Had a chest infection that wouldn’t go away and of course being stubborn, I never went to the doctor. After a few weeks I took this and within 5 days it was gone.
I realized that I was feeling really good for the first time in over a year. No more knee pain, stiff neck or swollen Achilles tendon.

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