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Mary Pat’s Story

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We began the journey of the development of our Root Cider about two years ago. It started pretty simply in our kitchen with the goal of general good health which would, in turn, reduce visits to the doctor’s office. It worked!

Mark immediately saw a difference in the amount and duration of colds, flu, respiratory infections as well as energy and the feeling of well being. I, on the other hand, could not drink it. It was potent in just too many ways for me. To tell you the truth I didn’t even like the production happening in my kitchen. Every time he said it was time for a new batch I was silently making an “ugh” sound.  Mark researched and added lemons and beets, which not only added some much-needed flavor to the cider they packed quite the healthy punch.

Health Benefits of Lemon

Beets Health Benefits

I took a sip and thought that it was better but still a bit too spicy for my taste, until…

I have had lower back pain for a while due to so many years of teaching special needs preschoolers. The lifting of tiny people with heavy braces as well as the constant bending over to work at little wheelchairs and tables has taken its toll on me.

The pain was beginning to be chronic and it kept me up at night. I took ibuprofen every morning to get started. Definitely not good.

I decided to take the cider every day for one month to see if it would work.

One swallow before my lemon water every day and within one week the back pain was gone. I have to say that I wasn’t expecting that. I also found it to be an appetite suppressant. That fact kind of snuck up on me. All of a sudden I realized that I wasn’t hungry which is ALWAYS a good thing in my book!

I still am not a fan of the taste but the benefits make me keep going.  What I have loved about this adventure is hearing all of the stories of people searching for an alternative to medication.


  1. Love this product ! I met you both at the Southern woman’s show in Raleigh! I have been taking this every since , every morning and I am buying bottle number 2 ! I am telling everyone about this product !

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