Health benefits of Habanero and Serrano Peppers

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serrano pepper

Another of the 100%certified organic,non-GMO, fresh, raw, whole, ingredients that we use in our Organic Root Cider are Habanera and Serrano Peppers. Go to our Ingredients page to read about the other 100% certified organic,non-GMO,  raw ingredients we use.

Some of the Health benefits of Habanera and Serrano Peppers are:

  • Can Help to control Diabetes
  • Can Help Decrease Cancer Risk
  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • Support better Blood Circulation
  • Immune System Booster
  • Improves Heart Health
  • Relief for Arthritis and Sore Muscles
  • May Relieve Shingles
  • Cools You Down

Just how hot is the serrano as compared to other peppers? The level of heat is directly affected by the genetic ancestry of the plant as well as its environmental surroundings. And while the serrano pepper is not the hottest pepper out there, the Scoville scale puts it about midway down the list as you can see here:

  • Bell Pepper 0
  • Anaheim 500–1,000
  • Pasilla 1,000–1500
  • Jalapeño 2,500–5,000
  • Serrano 5,000–15,000
  • Yellow Wax 5,000–15,000
  • Cayenne 30,000–50,000
  • Chile Pequin 30,000–50,000
  • Chipotle (dried) 50,000–100,000
  • Habanero 100,000–300,000

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