What is root cider?

Root cider is an awesome blend of the following superfood ingredients. We have listed them in order or prevalence:

Raw unfiltered 60 grain ACV, lemons, turmeric root, ginger root, horseradish root, garlic, beets, white onion, habanero and Serrano peppers.
All of these ingredients are 100% certified organic, raw and whole.

Does your root cider contain any GMO’s?

Absolutely not, everything is 100 % certified organic raw and whole. Only the best ingredients are in Natural Root Cider.

Do you really fly your turmeric and ginger root in from Hawaii? It seems like that would be very expensive.

Yes we do because at certain times of the year it is the only source for fresh turmeric and ginger we can find.


We recommend 1-2 tbsp daily. If you need a little more take a little more.

Why does this bottle taste a little different from the last bottle I purchased?

There will always be a little variance in taste because all the ingredients are whole and raw.

ShippingWe ship via Fed.Ex and USPS

BillingWe accept debit cards and most major credit cards and paypal.

Shelf Life– There is a 3 year best by date on the label but we feel it will last well past that.

Storage We do not refrigerate ours, but you can store yours that way if you have any concerns

The Cider is Spicy, is there anything you recommend to help someone who finds the taste too strong?

That is a good question, and one we have thought about for a while. Rather than add ingredients to moderate the taste, we concentrate on the ingredients that have the most health and wellness benefit. Honey or low sodium V-8 have been popular choices. Some people find refrigerating it helps to reduce the heat also.