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  1. I’ve been faithfully using this product for 2 years and cannot recommend it enough. My diabetes is now controlled and my all-round health is all the better for it. I have turned on quite a few friends to try this and will continue to keep myself in supply. This is the best product I have ever invested in for my health.
    Thank you for your pioneer creativity.

  2. I love this product and hope to never do without it. A friend had me try it (followed by some fresh squeezed lemon), a couple of weeks went by before I ordered some on my own. I use it everyday and mix it in some juice (no need for lemon that way). I agree with the comment above. I hope nothing changes about this product. It’s great the way it is!

  3. It’s Great!! Took my first sip on the way home from Lois Natural Scarborough Maine. Wow its delicious, and I started sweating, then I felt great!! This morning I took Half a TBSP. I’m walking on sunshine. Ill be the first to admit I used it as a hotsauce on my Dinner last night. Yum Yum and Yum!!! OMG I hope nothing changes with this product.

  4. Author

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being the company you are!! I am IN LOVE with the spicy goodness you’ve all created! I’ve already bought more to share with my family.. in hopes they’ll love it as much as me. I can only open the door and obviously they have to commit.

    Let the saga being: I’ve had eczema since I was little. It went away briefly and came back when I got pregnant with my kids. Since then, I had flare up from the pregnancy hormones, in addition to the toxic avenger items I’d consume that are sold EVERYWHERE nowadays.

    From cleaning up my food choices, some other natural/organic numnums, and YOUR JUICE, I’ve never felt better! My skin has cleared up immensely and my inside are the happiest they’re been in a long time. Long story short, THANK YOU!! I will forever be a customer as long as you guys are kickin’ it!

  5. I have to say I was intimidated to try Mother Earth thinking it would taste too much like vinegar, but I took a leap of faith and One swig later I’m hooked! The beets will lower my blood pressure, the onions will thicken my blood, the ginger wow what a warming feeling, the kick of pepper OMG… I wanna put it in my oatmeal and on my pizza !!! Not sure I can just have it once a day.. no joke this is absolutely my favorite thing on earth. I’m so excited to see how I feel after 30 days! Thanks, Mark! I’m a lifer now for Barrier Island Organics !

  6. I started taking the organic root cider a few months ago now, and I have to say I love it, it combined many things I already was taking on a daily basis into one product. I am a chiropractor and have been into holistic health for many years. the ingredients in this product are outstanding, and I love the taste, I always recommend it to friends, family, and my patients.

  7. I recently came down with a very bad cold I couldn’t shake. My son-in-law brought me his Mother Earth’s Natural Root Cider. I took a few doses a day and it was the only thing that relieved my sore throat and opened my sinuses. I now have my own bottle and will continue the once a day serving. I, like you, strongly believe in all the ingredients.

  8. Author

    Hello Mark
    I am enjoying this Robust and energizing tonic first thing in the morning. What a great way to start the day! It is better than a V-8 and much more healthful.

    Timothy A. Ragsdale

  9. I have been taking a dose every morning for three weeks now and have noticed a definite improvement in my sinus congestion and drainage.

  10. We got shot glasses to make taking Barrier Island Organic Root Cider more fun — it works! It’s like a tequila shot, sort of. We both feel healthy, I feel like my blood is cleaner, my husband thinks it’s helping some nerve damage. Neither of us has gotten a cold or anything like it since we started slugging it back two bottles ago. I’m hoping it’ll help the arthritis I’ve got in my hands. We’ll see! In the meantime, Cheers!

  11. I love the Barrier Islands Cider. I got my husband and myself shot glasses to drink it in the morning. It’s sort of a fun thing to do — it does wake you right up! Will have blood tests shortly and hope the result is like others posted here.

  12. A co-worker has been using this product and it seems to actually control his otherwise high blood pressure. I too have high BP and have been using this product for about 3 weeks and my BP readings seem to be going down as well. If I can use this all natural product to replace BP medication I will be thrilled. I also suffer from chronic allergy and sinus problems and am hoping to see improvement there as well. In the meantime, the product gives me a natural energy boost and I have been able to replace additional trips to the coffee pot with just a tablespoon or two of this, and it tastes good too.

  13. Have been taking the cider religiously for 2 months. 2 tbsp every morning. Total cholesterol has dropped 58 points and LDL is down 45. Stopped taking blood pressure medicine. BP is perfect! Root cider will be a part of my daily routine for the rest of my life. Amazing product!!

  14. Root Cider has helped control my constantly aching knees (runners knees). Don’t know how or why, but it doesn’t really matter to me either. As others have reported, it seems to help with seasonal allergies too. I normally start to suffer from seasonal allergies this time of year and take Flonase and Claritin daily. Time will tell, I plan on quitting the otc meds and see how it goes. I’m sold on it and will be ordering another bottle after I finish the one I currently have.

  15. Truly an amazing product! In the six weeks since I started taking 1-2 tablespoons a day, I have lost six pounds. I have more energy, my LDL went from 83 to 69, my HDL went from 51-60 and my A1C dropped 1/3 of a point. The knee, ankle and shoulder pain I have lived with since high school football and wrestling has diminished remarkably. My chronic sinusitis has completely gone away. Your Cider will be a part of my daily regimen for the rest of my life. Great job!

  16. I received my very first bottle of this amazing stuff and unfortunately the plastic cap was cracked and broken. The shrink wrap keep the product from leaking out. It is very brisk but it does the job for the immune system.

    1. Author


      We are sorry to hear your cap cracked, If you feel you lost any of your cider we will gladly replace it for you. The second batch of cider arrived in late June with new caps, so this shouldn’t be an issue anymore. We also had the 2nd batch tweaked and the result is a much more nutrient dense robust cider, exactly like we used to make it at home. Thanks for your comments and we are glad you enjoyed our cider.

  17. Awesome product

    Mother Earth’s Organic root Cider has had an amazing impact on stabilizing my blood sugar. It gives me energy ,it has warded off colds and is going to be part of my daily routine for the rest of my life.

    Jim Daley

  18. Your Cider has keep me from getting a cold when I had that tickle in the back of my throat that usually tell you that you are going to have a cold by tomorrow. For a week and a half I had the tickle, but i never got the cold. I still take it every day.

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