Avoid illness associated with Air travel.

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As most of us have heard, travel by airplane can lead to increased exposure to infectious diseases. One study has clearly documented the occurrence of an outbreak of infectious disease related to airplane use.

An outbreak of influenza occurred in 1978 in Alaska. Because of an engine malfunction, an airliner with 54 persons aboard was delayed on the ground for 3 hours, during which the aircraft ventilation system was reportedly turned off. Within 3 days of the incident, 72% of the passengers became ill with influenza. One passenger (the index case) was ill while the aircraft was delayed. Serologic evidence of influenza infection was found in 20 of 22 passengers tested, and the virus was isolated from eight of 31 passengers whose serum was cultured. Documentation of this outbreak was assisted by the circumstance that all the passengers traveled to one small town and by the alertness of the local physician. Similar outbreaks could result from crowded flights with an infectious person and not be documented or noticed, because passengers would disperse after landing.
To help prevent, or to help treat such illness we recommend the immune boosting power of Organic Root Cider. We use only all natural, raw, 100% certified organic, non-GMO, fresh ingredients, combined with the unfiltered 100% organic Apple Cider Vinegar that is the base of our Organic Root Cider. This unique combination provides a significant immune and anti-oxidant boost. Add the anti-inflammatory effect and the result will give you your best chance of avoiding the infection, or if not the lest effect and shortest duration of the infection.
We know that bringing a glass bottle filled with a liquid is a problem during Air travel, so why not buy a 16oz. bottle, and have it shipped to you destination to be waiting for your arrival for you to use during your stay?
You can read more about our ingredients and their effects on our Ingredients Page.


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