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Are you trying to avoid or reduce your antibiotic use?

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Would you rather strengthen your immune system than take a lot of anti-biotics?

There is a growing concern with over use of anti-biotics. Especially broad spectrum anti-biotics. Over use of anti-biotics has been shown to lead to the development of highly resistant strains of infectious bacteria. A large portion of the common illnesses we experience are viral in nature, and therefore completely unaffected by anti-biotics. In the case of a viral infection your immune system is all you have to defeat the infection.

So why not try to strengthen your immune system? Many of the ingredients in Organic Root Cider are immune boosting superfoods. Read more on our Ingredients page. Also the inflammation fighting aspects of organic Root Cider will help you to get the rest and sleep you need for your immune system to do it best to keep you healthy every day.
You can read more about the dangers of anti-biotics here:

Antibiotic Fallout
Health professionals are predicting a world without antibiotics in the near future.


  1. I love this Mother Earth’s Organic Root Cider. We made a first time purchase approximately 4 months ago. After suffering with sinus problems and blood pressure issues, we knew that it was time to do something different. It has been 4 months now and we do not suffer with these issues anymore. Our bp is lower, no sinus problems, and we rest better throughout the night. My father suffered with high bp all the time. It was always high. Approximately 2 months ago, he complained about swelling in his legs. I was very disturbed when he told me this. I told him about this Mother Earth’s Organic Root Cider and asked him to please try it because it would not hurt him. He said ok, I purchased anot her bottle for him. After 2 days, there was no more swelling in his legs, but most all, since taking it, his bp is perfect. We are still taking the Organic Root Cider today and will not do without it.

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